Engine MAX™ Engine Treatment & Oil Stabilizer – 32oz

  • Increases Compression
  • Increases Fuel Mileage
  • Helps Prevent Oil Breakdown
  • Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Reduces Friction Wear & Heat Stress
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Extends Engine Life

Part# T132: 12 per case / 32 oz

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True Brand® Engine MAX Engine Treatment & Oil Stabilizer is formulated with friction reducing technology designed to reduce maintenance, improve performance, and extend engine life! After application, the lubrication system of the engine will carry the patent-pending formula to the lubricated friction surfaces. Once heated, our formula bonds to the friction surfaces, filling in the microscopic scratches and pores, which:

True Brand Engine Treatment & Oil Stabilizer is compatible with all oils, conventional as well as synthetics, and is safe for GDI, PFI, and diesel engines.

  • Reduces wear by 50% – 90%, as shown by oil analysis.
  • Uses a heavy molecular weight PTFE making it more durable.
  • Chemically inert – does not react to other chemicals.
  • Sub-micron particle (starting at .05 microns) formula to better fuse to the metal asperities.
  • Formulated bonding agents are designed to fuse to engine’s friction surfaces to engine life.
  • Our PTFE is unique in that friction decreases exponentially as load and/or pressure increases.

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