Engine Clean PLUS+

Save Money! Specially formulated for modern engine designs. As effective as a ONE Gallon Engine Clean Service. Helps improve oil circulation, dissolves and removes deposits, gums, and varnish while also removing abrasive wear metals. (For Gas and Diesel Engines).

  • Save money and space.
  • Formulated for today’s engine designs.
  • Reduces oil consumption.
  • Removes deposits, gums, & varnish.
  • Removes wear metal and dirt particles.
  • Removes harmful carbon deposits that clog piston rings and reduce compression.
  • Extends engine life with an easy 10-15 minute process.
  • Excellent service for GDI and diesel engine deposits!

Part# T128: 12 per case / 32 oz.

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TRUE BRAND ENGINE CLEAN PLUS+ is as effective as a ONE Gallon Engine Clean Service. The Engine Clean Plus will save you money, save service bay time, and space! It is specially formulated to effectively clean and remove harmful oil system deposits, gums, varnish, abrasive wear metal, and dirt particles from your engine’s oil system. This helps improve oil circulation, reduce oil consumption and extend engine life!

For best results, use once a year for preventative maintenance or when the vehicle has exceeded recommended oil change service interval time and or mileage.

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