High Mileage Treatment

True Brand® High Mileage Treatment is a concentrated blend of antioxidants, detergents, dispersants, and lubricants formulated to fortify all grades of engine oil. True Brand High Mileage Treatment is a leave-in oil treatment professionally formulated for any age vehicle and is specially designed for high mileage vehicles.

Part# T1088: 24 per case / 11 oz

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True Brand High Mileage Treatment provides long-lasting engine protection and helps maintain optimum performance for extended engine life. Advanced antioxidants prevent oxidation and increase engine oil viscosity under even the most severe driving conditions. True Brand High Mileage Treatment also enhances the ability of engine oil to reduce friction and wear on internal engine components. Special dispersants help keep piston rings, belts, hydraulic lifters, and other engine components clean and free of sludge or deposits. This product is also completely compatible with synthetic and petroleum-based oils.

For best results, treat engine at every oil change. For optimal engine protection, add True Brand Engine MAX™ Engine Treatment & Oil Stabilizer (Part# T132) as well.

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