High Mileage Booster

True Brand® High Mileage Booster is a full-synthetic, GF-6 compliant leave-in oil treatment for high mileage vehicles that fortifies all engine oil grades to provide long-lasting engine protection and help maintain optimum performance for extended life.

  • Helps Restore Performance.
  • Superior Anti-Wear Formula.
  • Reduces Timing Chain Wear.
  • Helps Revitalize Seals and Gaskets.
  • GF-6 Compliant – Does NOT Alter Viscosity.
  • Safe for GDI, PFI, Hybrid, and Diesel Engines.

Part# T10828: 4 per case / 128 oz

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True Brand High Mileage Booster is a full-synthetic uniquely concentrated blend of key additives specially engineered to help restore performance, protect vital engine parts and extend engine life in higher mileage vehicles. This product is formulated to increase anti-wear, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion components while fortifying oil detergents to help to improve piston cleanliness and help reduce friction, heat, and wear between moving parts. It also helps prevent oxidation and corrosion that can negatively affect oil viscosity and harm metal surfaces and helps prevent the negative effects of water, salt and acids.

For best results, use at every oil change. For optimal engine protection, use with True Brand Engine MAX™ Engine Treatment.

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