Universal Stop Leak

True Brand® Universal Stop Leak is a multi-purpose stop leak that can be added to ANY oil (engine, transmission, power steering, rear end, etc.). It is especially designed to seal leaks caused by normal engine wear and age. True Brand Universal Stop Leak formula restores elasticity, eliminating or reducing the oil leaks with a synthetic seal conditioner.

  • Stops leaks.
  • Prevents leaks.
  • Conditions seals.
  • Contains NO chlorine or harmful solvents.

Part# T100: 24 per case / 3.4 oz

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True Brand Universal Stop Leak helps stop leaks due to drying, hardening, or shrinking of engine oil seals and gaskets. True Brand Universal Stop Leak contains no particles that will clog oil passages or filters. Most leaks will stop with in 150 miles or 3 days of driving.

  • Non-corrosive.
  • Non-clogging.
  • Non-foaming.

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