Power Steering Treatment

Save your customers money and protect their power steering system with True Brand® Power Steering Treatment. Regular preventative maintenance may save on major repair costs and lessen the possibility of a component replacement.

  • Protects against heat wear by reducing friction.
  • Protects against component failure due to wear.
  • Helps reduce foaming and squeal.
  • Works against oxidation and fluid breakdown.
  • Helps EXTEND power steering system life.

Part# T308: 24 per case / 6 oz

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True Brand® Power Steering Treatment is a concentrated blend of antioxidants, detergents, dispersants, and lubricants formulated to fortify all types of power steering fluid. True Brand Power Steering Treatment is a leave-in treatment professionally formulated with friction reducing technology designed to reduce wear, foaming & squeal, and extend power steering system life!

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