ATF Clean & Protect 2-Step Kit

Save your customers money and protect their transmission with True Brand® ATF Clean & Protect 2-step kit. Regular preventative maintenance may save on major repair costs and lessen the possibility of a transmission replacement.

Not suitable for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT).

  • Compatible with ALL ATF fluids.
  • Helps extend transmission life.
  • Works against oxidation and fluid breakdown.
  • Protects against component failure due to wear & heat by reducing friction.
  • Helps suspend varnish, sludge and contaminants from the transmission system, allowing for a better removal of wear metals and debris.

Part# T4412: 12 kits per case / 8 oz
Also sold separately.

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True Brand ATF Cleaner dissolves and suspends deposits, helping flush the transmission of oxidized automatic transmission fluid, sludge deposits, and other contaminants. True Brand ATF Cleaner helps remove wear metals that grind away at seals, valves, and friction surfaces.

True Brand ATF Treatment is formulated using the highest quality base oils and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). When introduced into your vehicle, PTFE reduces friction, which reduces heat production, and in turn helps prevent wear for all working components.

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