CVT Cleaner

Save your customers money and protect their transmission with True Brand® CVT Cleaner. Regular preventative maintenance may save on major repair costs and lessen the possibility of a transmission replacement.

  • Suitable for use in most CVT & DCT applications.
  • Compatible with all CVT fluids.
  • Compatible with rubber seals and other transmission system components.
  • Helps prepare the transmission and fluid lines for new fluid.
  • Cleans and suspends harmful varnish, sludge deposits, and other contaminants from the transmission system, allowing for better removal of wear metals and debris.

Part# T4CV08: 24 per case / 10 oz

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True Brand CVT Cleaner is a special solvent-free blend of cleaners and detergents engineered to clean and suspend harmful varnish, sludge, and other contaminants in the transmission system to prepare the transmission system for new fluid. Compatible with belts, pulleys, wet clutches, rubber seals, electronics, and other components.

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