CVT Clean & Protect 2-Step Kit

Save your customers money and protect their continuously variable transmission (CVT) with True Brand® CVT CLEAN & PROTECT 2-STEP KIT. Regular preventative maintenance may save on major repair costs and reduce the possibility of a transmission replacement.

  • Cleans, protects, and helps extend CVT/DCT life.
  • Suitable for use in most CVT & DCT applications.
  • Boosts extreme pressure and anti-wear performance.
  • Enhances metal to metal friction performance.
  • Compatible with belts, pulleys, wet clutches, rubber seals, electronics & other components.

Part# T4CV412: 12 kits per case / 8 oz
Also sold separately.

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True Brand CVT Cleaner cleans and suspends harmful varnish, sludge, and other contaminants in the transmission system to prepare the transmission system for new fluid.

True Brand CVT Treatment is a multi-vehicle formula engineered to protect & condition the CVT and DCT transmission systems (both high & low viscosity fluids) to enhance performance and transmission life.

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