Throttle Body 3-Step Kit

True Brand® 3-Step Throttle Body Kit will help reduce emissions, while helping improve performance and fuel economy. This unique product uses a 2-stage cleaning process while it protects. Safe for ALL gasoline piston engines and Oxygen sensor safe.

Helps Eliminate:

  • Rough Idling
  • Pinging
  • Misfiring
  • Knocking
  • Power Loss
  • Engine Run On

Part# T2238: 8 ea per case
Also sold separately.

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Fuel System Cleaner:
Cleans the entire FUEL SYSTEM using detergents combined with surfactants while improving combustion and reducing exhaust emissions. This concentrated formula removes moisture from the fuel system and dissolves carbon deposits, gums, and varnishes. It also lubricates injectors, valves, upper cylinders, and rings while cleaning.

Throttle Body Cleaner:
True Brand Throttle Body will clean the throttle valve, throttle body, idle air control valves, PCV valves, and other parts of the air induction system that have deposit accumulation. The product will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters.

Induction Cleaner:
True Brand Induction Cleaner helps extend engine life through 2-stage cleaning. Stage 1: Light volatiles help remove gums and varnish from the induction system. Stage 2: Thermally stable residual detergents remain to soften and remove hardened carbon deposits for a thorough, long-lasting clean. True Brand Induction Cleaner NOT for rotary or diesel engines.

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