Throttle Body Cleaner

  • Improves engine performance – dissolves deposits that can cause rough idling, hard starting, stalling, and poor acceleration.
  • Cleans and frees engine parts – helps throttle valves, idle control valves, and/or any other parts that have gum and varnish accumulations, to operate more efficiently.
  • Effective – quickly removes gum, varnish, sludge, carbon, and other deposits.
  • Easy to use – convenient aerosol with 360° spray-anyway valve.
  • Safe to use – contains no fluorocarbons or chlorinated solvents; will not harm gaskets, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converter.
  • Meets low V.O.C. regulations – The formula meets current V.O.C. regulations set by California Air Resource Board (CARB) and Ozone Transport Commission (OTC).

Part# T2006: 12 per case

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True Brand® Throttle-Body & Air Intake Cleaner is a powerful solvent blend that will quickly remove gum, varnish, carbon, and other deposits. It improves engine performance by dissolving those deposits which build up and cause rough idling, hard starting, stalling, and poor acceleration.

It cleans the throttle valve, throttle body, idle air control valves, PCV valves, and other parts of the air induction system that have deposit accumulation. The product will not harm oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

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