True Brand® Advanced Intake Cleaner with Surface Science Technology provides aggressive 2-stage cleaning to safely remove tenacious hard carbon deposits, varnish, and gums from the upper engine and intake systems.

  • Restores power, performance, and fuel economy.
  • Remains in liquid form to better reach and clean deposits.
  • Does not evaporate like competitive products.
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Advanced Intake Cleaner with Surface Science Technology is a professional-grade, high-performance engine intake system cleaner that removes harmful, performance-robbing upper engine and intake system deposits to restore engine performance, power, and fuel economy. True Brand Advanced Intake Cleaner can be used with any type of fuel injection in both gasoline and diesel engines and is ideal for today’s direct injection engines.

  • Easy S-hook or vacuum source application.
  • Safe for ALL GDI & PFI gasoline and diesel injected engines.
  • Cleans intake valves, spark plugs, oxygen sensors, EGR valves, combustion chamber, & piston compression rings.
  • Helps eliminate rough idle, knocking, and pinging.
  • Helps return compression to factory levels.
  • Improves power and restores performance.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Reduces emissions.

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