GDI Fuel System Cleaner

True Brand® GDI Fuel System Cleaner helps avoid harmful deposit problems by keeping the engine running cleanly to restore efficiency, helps keep injectors clean for better fuel spray and combustion.

  • Cleans fuel system deposits.
  • Contains no alcohol.
  • Helps restore power & performance.
  • Removes water from fuel system.
  • Helps restore fuel economy.
  • Helps prevent ethanol problems.
  • Helps reduce emissions.
  • Lubricates while cleaning.

Part# T210G: 24 per case / 10 oz

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New engine designs call for a more aggressive product to clean and attack the tenacious hard carbon deposits that build up and choke performance. True Brand GDI Fuel System Cleaner is specifically formulated, tested, and proven to provide aggressive 2-stage cleaning for GDI engines from the gas tank to the exhaust, dissolving gums, varnish, and carbon deposits. This formula also lubricates while cleaning, and safely removes water from the fuel system through the combustion process by solubilizing it with the fuel in the tank.

For GDI engine deposits related to intake air and valves, crankcase deposits, and PCV emissions systems, apply GDI Emissions Control System Cleaner and GDI Induction Cleaner.

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