True Brand Battery Cleaner & Leak Detector

True Brand® BATTERY CLEANER AND LEAK DETECTOR KIT is a fast and effective way to clean batteries and remove accumulated harmful corrosive buildup from battery terminals and cables that sap power and shorten battery life.

  • Neutralizes battery acid.
  • Cleans terminals and connections
  • Detects acid leaks and casing cracks.

Part# T6603: 12 per case / 2 oz

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True Brand BATTERY CLEANER AND LEAK DETECTOR KIT is formulated to neutralize battery acid, clean battery terminals and connectors, and contains special ingredients that detect battery acid leaks and battery cracks.

  • Neutralizes battery acid on contact.
  • Cleans battery terminals and cable connections.
  • Product changes color from pink to yellow when it comes in contact with acid.

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