GDI Complete Clean Throttle Body 3-Step Kit

True Brand® GDI Complete Clean Throttle Body 3-Step Kit is a hotter, more aggressive formula that chemically cleans GDI fuel systems from the gas tank to the exhaust. GDI Complete Clean requires NO ENGINE TEAR-DOWN and can be applied by techs of all skill levels! True Brand GDI Complete Clean 3-Step Kit cleans and protects against deposits, removes water and fights ethanol, cleans emissions control systems, and removes harmful deposits from the throttle body and induction systems, intake valves, injector tips, and combustion chambers.

  • Safe & effective for ALL GDI & PFI gasoline piston engines.
  • Induction Cleaner is NOT for rotary or diesel engines.

Part# T2231G: 8 kits per case

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GDI Fuel System Cleaner:
True Brand GDI Fuel System Cleaner provides aggressive 2-stage cleaning for GDI and PFI engines from the gas tank to the exhaust, dissolving gums, varnish and carbon deposits. This formula also lubricates while cleaning and removes water from the fuel system by suspending water into fuel and removing water through the combustion process.

Throttle Body Cleaner:
True Brand Throttle-Body & Air Intake Cleaner is a powerful solvent blend that will quickly remove gum, varnish, carbon, and other deposits. It improves engine performance by dissolving those deposits which build up and cause rough idling, hard starting, stalling, and poor acceleration. It cleans the throttle valve, throttle body, idle air control valves, PCV valves, and other parts of the air induction system that have deposit accumulation. The product will not harm oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

GDI Induction Cleaner:
True Brand GDI Induction Cleaner disperses a vaporized cleaning solution throughout the air intake system, specifically formulated for those tenacious intake valve deposits left unwashed by GDI engines. This formula’s 2-stage cleaning also reaches into the combustion chamber to dissolve injector tip deposits and knock-producing combustion chamber deposits.

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