Upgrade Fuel System Cleaner

True Brand® Upgrade Fuel System Cleaner helps rough idle, stalling, hesitation, power loss, and restricted fuel flow. This formula helps maintain fuel system performance and keeps injector tips clean, which allows the engine to operate cleanly and more efficiently with better fuel flow.

  • Boosts octane.
  • Reduces emissions.
  • Contains NO alcohol.
  • Helps improve power.
  • Helps restore fuel economy.
  • Cleans fuel system deposits.
  • Helps prevent ethanol problems.
  • Removes water from fuel system.
  • Helps prevent rust & corrosion build up.
  • Helps rough idle, stalling, and hesitation.
  • Will not harm catalytic converter systems or oxygen sensors.

Part# T2010: 24 per case / 10 oz

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True Brand Upgrade Fuel System Cleaner safely removes water from the fuel system through the combustion process by solubilizing it with the fuel in the tank. This formula also helps prevent rust and corrosion from forming on fuel system components and it dissolves carbon deposits, gums, and varnishes.

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