Be Aware & Pay Attention

Unemployment has been at an all-time low. This means that more and more people are bringing home a paycheck, which also means there’s more money available to purchase goods and services. As business owners, we’ve really appreciated the increase in business.

Positive or Negative

There are many changes happening today, from regulations, customer’s needs, employees, Quick Lubes changing into Service Centers, Dealers now performing Quick Lube Services, and much, much more. 

Leadership 1st Management 2nd

Are you offering 100% of vehicle inspection 100% of the time? Remember if you are not offering the service someone else will. If you are looking to increase ticket average or customer retention it might be as easy as offering the services you already have.

Listen & Understand!

How important is it to listen? Actually listening to someone and understanding their point of view can sometimes be difficult, however; in order to sell, educate, and build trust listening plays a major role. Being approachable is definitely one way to build on this foundation. 

Secrets to Motivating Employees

Being part of a highly motivated team can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in one’s career. Employees who work on a good team know they’re part of something special.

Be Prepared!

Have you prepared for your “First Impression”?  Being prepared will help you stay on top of your appearance, confidence, communication, and what is the best value-added service to offer.  If you hesitate then you may lose out on a second opportunity. 

Servant Leadership: A Win for Everyone

Are you a Servant Leader? If you are a Servant Leader then you will “Serve First”.   According to polls, two-thirds of all workers are disengaged. Half of all employees would leave their jobs today if they had something else to go to.

Build Trust. Build Value.

Trust!  What is trust? Is Trust something that can be built with others? Is it something that can be broken? Can Trust be rebuilt once it has been broken?

Character Counts

One of the big surprises of the pandemic this past 18 months has been the staffing issues we have all had to deal with. Filling vacancies at any level can be time-consuming. When filling a management role, it’s even more important to get the right people in place.

Leadership: The Decisions That Define Us

The unexpected events of these past several months have certainly taken us by surprise, especially the speed at which it all happened. The challenges we have all faced and disruptions to our everyday lives have been trying to say the least.