Premium CVT Fluid – Gallon

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True Brand® Premium CVT Fluid has been designed with excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear properties and extreme pressure protection and helps with improved seal-swell protection as well as superior wet clutch performance.

  • Fully synthetic fluid.
  • Safe for ALL Continuously Variable Transmissions.
  • Formulated to provide optimal torque transfer.
  • Long-life friction modifiers provide metal to metal protection.
  • Anti-wear additives provide excellent anti-shudder durability.
  • Shear stable viscosity modifiers.
  • Provides superior wet clutch performance.
  • Designed to meet performance requirements and specifications of ALL Continuously Variable Transmissions.
  • Helps ensure proper CVT performance with NO NEED TO STOCK MULTIPLE OR EXPENSIVE BRANDS!

Part# T4CV28 – 4 per case / 1 Gallon

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