LED UV Curing Wand

Cordless = Completely Portable.

  • Two Sets of Rechargeable Batteries*

  • One Battery Charger

  • Batteries Can Be Charged Up To 1,000 Cycles!

  • Durable, Almost unbreakable

  • LED UV = Virtually No Heat

  • Enhanced Safety with no bulb to break, no cord!

Part# UVWAND: 1 kit per case

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The Best Keeps Getting Better!

Introducing our new premium and professional-grade Cordless LED UV Curing Wand. We are once again making the True Brand® Headlight Restoration kit easier and more effective with better curing power that is now completely portable. We supply you with a TOP Quality charger, with 2 sets of TOP Quality rechargeable batteries therefore; we always have you ready to increase profits.

*UV Wand uses 6 AA batteries. Each kit comes with 12 Energizer premium rechargeable batteries to ensure you are ready to perform a True Brand Headlight Restoration for your customers at any time!