Diesel Oil Treatment 3-Step Kit

True Brand® 3-Step Diesel Oil Treatment Kit is designed to remove oil system deposits, remove water from the fuel system, and protect the engine’s friction surfaces.

    • Improves fuel economy.
    • Reduces emissions.
    • Smooths operation.
    • Improves cold-weather starts.
    • Safe for ALL Diesel Engines!

Part# T2213: 8 kits per case

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Diesel Treatment:
True Brand Premium Diesel Treatment is uniquely formulated and concentrated to clean and fight moisture damage in diesel fuel systems. This formula safely removes water from the fuel system through the combustion process by solubilizing it with the fuel in the tank.

Oil System Cleaner:
True Brand Oil System Cleaner is designed to remove oil system deposits, gums, and varnish. It also removes abrasive wear metal and dirt particles to improve oil circulation extend engine life.

Oil Conditioner:
True Brand Oil Conditioner is a friction modifier and extreme pressure component that helps protect the engine’s friction surfaces while cleaning. This oil-based product is designed to remain in the motor for the full oil change interval.

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