Coolant Clean

True Brand® Coolant Clean 2-Step Cooling System Kit is formulated to breakdown and suspend rust, scale and sediment. This non-acid-base product needs does not require a neutralizer and is compatible with plastic and aluminum. This kit contains a unique corrosion and rust inhibitor technology that enhances protection of cooling system metals such as iron, aluminum, copper and solder. It also contains anti-foaming agents and provides additional protection to water pumps.

Part# T5508: 12 kits per case / 8 oz

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Cooling System Flush:

  • Non-Acidic.
  • Does not require a neutralizer.
  • Can be used on plastic and aluminum radiator components.
  • Highly effective at removing scale and sediment from system.

Cooling System Treatment:

  • Compatible with ALL types of coolant.
  • Extended corrosion damage protection.
  • Increases coolant’s corrosion inhibiting performance.
  • Protects water pump and reduces potential damage to pump surfaces.

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