Brake Strip Test Strips

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Over time, brake fluid wears out leaving the brake system vulnerable to internal corrosion. Corrosion causes premature brake failure and leads to compromised safety and very costly repairs. Each test strip reveals the condition of your customers’ brake fluid. Changing brake fluid at the right time will help prevent costly repairs, improve safety, and extend the life of critical brake parts.

“Test Not Guess”

  • DOT 3 & DOT 4 corrosion test.
  • Finds dangerous corrosion.
  • Easy to read test results.

Part# 1-100: 100 test strips/bottle

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  • Helps increase the number of needed brake fluid exchange services you perform by providing proof for the needed service.
  • Gives you and your team of service advisors confidence to offer a needed brake fluid exchange.
  • Identifies potential brake fluid related problems before they occur -thereby ensuring your customers safety.
  • Simply remove a test strip from the tube, dip it into brake fluid and 60 seconds later you will know the condition of the brake fluid.
  • The test follows MAP guidelines and DOT test standards to determine when to change brake fluid.