TrueCold A/C Performance Booster

TRUECOLDº A/C Performance Booster is unlike anything else on the market! It not only cleans and removes oil fouling with its innovative formula but also contains an A/C Booster and Leak Detector.

  • Lowers evaporator temperature.
  • Eliminates and prevents oil fouling.
  • Increases refrigerant flow and speeds up heat transfer.
  • Faster cabin cool-down.
  • Colder air and increased comfort.
  • Reduces fuel use.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Cleans and treats friction-bearing surfaces.
  • Reduces compressor noise.
  • Increases A/C system life.
  • UV leak detector.

Ask about the optional installation tool.

Part# CP6011: 12 per case / 1.5 oz

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Oil is a necessary lubricant for any functional air conditioning system. However, it builds up over time and causes oil fouling, which can drastically decrease the efficiency of your A/C system. Our TRUECOLDº A/C Performance Booster includes a special polymer that bonds to metal surfaces in the system, which helps prevent future oil deposits and fights heat by reducing friction between moving components.

Our patent-pending formula cleans and protects your automotive A/C system by fighting against oil fouling, heat, and friction. It also boosts the cooling power, while extending A/C system life.

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